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Small Bottles To Attack Cosmetics Popular Small And Beautiful
- Nov 08, 2017 -

In the recent purchase of cosmetics, the forthright salesman to send a small z a sample. 30 ml of cleansing milk, 30 ml of make-up water, 7 ml of face cream, 5 ml of essence Dew, 3 ml of eye cream. Of course, this package and small z buy the brand is installed compared to the content is still a certain gap. But do not underestimate this set of trial wear, because in other popular vials of the brand, this amount is a lot. In many brands can be seen in the small bottle, 30 ml is not small, a few ml have.

Small bottles are not uncommon in the most expensive of prices. For example, Sisley plant-hwan white essence, this box of whitening essence of a total of 4, each vacuum pump packaging, the content of 5 ml, enough mini bar. In addition to the essence of products, in the daily Care series, there are brands start small bottles, such as FANCL, its water surplus moisturizing series and collagen repair series, make-up water and emulsion capacity of 30 ml, cream the smallest capacity of only 18 grams, compared to the general bottled capacity greatly reduced, It is more than enough to put this four-piece set of products into a small cosmetic bag. And in the Muji store, you can see a lot of the brand's skincare products are mini and small bottled.