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How Long Is The Cosmetic Package Shelf Life?
- Nov 08, 2017 -

Female friends often buy a large pile of cosmetic packaging, home when the time to see the packaging of the quality of the date, dizzy, completely do not know, cosmetic packaging quality of the date how to look at it? Cosmetics Regulatory Bureau experts said that different brands of cosmetics packaging, marked on the packaging of the way the shelf life is not the same, the production of cosmetics packaging is also the production date, shelf life in the product will have a corresponding logo, cosmetic packaging and food packaging, there is a shelf life, Cosmetics packaging can be used as long as you friends must pay attention to these Oh!

Foundation Blush lipstick a variety of cosmetic packaging shelf life of how long in fact, powdery eye shadow shelf life generally in two years or so. The eye shadow brushes remember to be cleaned regularly, so you must wash your hands before putting on makeup. As with foundation liquid, it looks oily on the skin, which is due to an expired concealer oil branch rising to the surface. Concealer has a lifespan of not more than one year.

In fact, the nail polish retention period does not depend on its color, but its concentration and composition. If the sediment in the bottom of the bottle cannot be combined with oil after shaking, it will expire. Expired nail polish will let mm nails dry and change Huang.

Consumers have bought cosmetics that are about to expire, while businesses argue that the shelf-quality date of the actual cosmetic package is exposed to expired products and sold to consumers after labeling them.