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Cosmetics Packaging Advocates High Quality
- Nov 08, 2017 -

This article takes Lancome pigmentation to repair skin care products Dreamtone Packaging, sure deodorant packaging and Helen Herber shower gel Packaging For example, in order to prove: Today, the maturity of technology to design assistance, cosmetic packaging has increasingly shown its emphasis on quality.

Lancome pigmentation to repair skin care products Dreamtone packaging shows its MBF modelling of the favor. In luxury, Dreamtone this top product name has been selected for the excellent product line and wants the company to envision an unprecedented marketing campaign for the product lines.

To do this, all the expertise of the Aptar group, which is completed by MBF styling, is essential. From Alpha pump to vacuum system, template bump and UV plating, every part and every perfect design is all company and Aptar Group cooperate processing and build out.

MBF modeling has adopted an unprecedented design that is applied to lipstick. Although this design may seem simple in theory, it does require the expertise of a plastic injection specialist. The first difficulty it faces is to reproduce a cylindrical motion within a triangular wrapper so that the upper part is pivoted to display the button. This rotation must be smooth, there will be no vibration, and no noise. The company focuses on special technical and aesthetic materials to build the design, adding an effective and fluid bolt system to perfection.

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