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Cosmetic Packaging: It's Time To Lose Weight
- Nov 08, 2017 -

Cosmetic packaging is the most basic function is to extend the shelf life, so that it is easy to transport, carry and not contaminated, damage. Today, in the "eyeball economy" "face engineering" and other erroneous consumption concepts misled, packaging outside the attraction is increasingly magnified, too large, too many layers, design is too complex and other phenomena are widespread, resulting in a serious waste of resources. Industry insiders point out that the phenomenon of excessive packaging exposes the weak environmental awareness of enterprises, the social cycle of the use of the mechanism is not standardized, legal and regulatory imperfections and many other issues. To achieve the sustainable development of the environment, the excessive packaging "slimming" has been urgent.

The phenomenon of excessive packaging is widespread

Recently, the reporter visited several large shopping malls in Beijing cosmetics counters, found that the phenomenon of excessive packaging products is very common. Take a acne products as an example, the packaging is made of plastic pipes, the length of about 10 centimeters, only the index finger thickness, the size of the outer box is similar to a 8 books. The reporter opened the outer box and roughly estimated that its capacity could fit at least 10 similar products.

Reporter in another well-known brand cosmetics counters to see, a net content of 0.3 grams, the thickness of roughly and neutral pen-and-ink core of the waterproof eyeliner is also very lenient packaging. By reporter measurement, this eyeliner pen diameter is only 8 millimeters, the Outer packing box size has 2 centimeters long, 1.5 centimeters wide. In other words, the box can be placed at least 4 of the same diameter eyeliner pen.

In addition to items, the combination of packaged products is also the hardest hit. For example, a brand introduced a combination of packaged gift box packaging is very complex, from the bottom to a total of 6 floors, that is, the packaging box, base foam liner, interlining, lining sand, middle foam liner, packaging box lid. After the survey, the reporter found that the packaging box of the length, width, height of 25 cm, 22 cm and 7 cm, the total volume of 3850 cubic centimeters. Box containing 4 products, total volume of 320 ml, about 320 cubic centimeters. Even with the filling bottle, planing the gap caused by the shape of the bottle and the thickness of the bottle wall, the lid height, the box can also accommodate two sets of the same volume of products.