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Cosmetic Bottle 100ml, No Boarding.
- Nov 08, 2017 -

Yesterday, one of the events was further fermented on the internet because of the airport's high standard of liquid goods. Even the well-known web site is dedicated to this vote, and thousands of people participated in the discussion. Reporter learned that the origin of the matter is a few days ago a woman carrying 118ml capacity containers, loaded with less than 100ml of liquid attempt to carry on the machine, in Xiaoshan airport was stopped, after being angry after the liquid poured to the security officer's head, finally was public security administrative detention. Netizens are talking about, netizens think this is the airport is rigid, there are netizens think that the security should be strict. For the rated capacity of more than 100ml, and the actual amount of less than 100ml of liquid can not be carried on the plane, in the end why?

Because the care liquid containers exceeded the woman was refused the airport was arrested

Things are actually very simple, May 4 night around 8 o'clock, ready to fly to Beijing, the girl Lee in Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport was stopped by security officers. Because at the time of the inspection, a bottle of contact lens lotion was identified as 118ml. Security officer told Li MoU, according to the Civil Aviation Authority, with the aircraft on the cosmetics capacity should be under 100ml.

So, the security officer suggested that Lee can be a care liquid consignment or storage, however, Li MoU does not agree, "she said that the logo of the care fluid although it is 118ml, but has used more than half of the allowance is certainly less than 100ml." ”

In order to allow Lee to take care of the liquid on the plane, the security officer also help ideas, "let her see if there is a milliliter number under 100 bottles, or to the airport to buy a mall can also." "Security officer said, she listened to the advice out of the security, not long back, said is not bought, want to use the airport water dispenser Disposable paper cup replacement."

"However, the paper cup is not sealed, and there is no ml identification, still cannot determine whether more than 100ml." "The security inspector told reporters, so he still does not let Li a care fluid on the plane," she did not listen to advice, or insisted on the nursing liquid poured into the paper cup, the final mood out of control, will be poured into the care of the security staff head. ”

The 100ml standard of civil aviation is the container size of the liquid.

The news on the Internet, netizens have been talking about, some people think that the security inspector unreasonable deliberately difficult, and some people think that flight safety is greater than days, must be strictly enforced in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Then, someone in the network to do a simple survey, to press deadline, a total of 1779 netizens to participate in the investigation, 84% of netizens think, "must strictly abide by public security, support security, can not accommodate." "There are 11% of netizens think:" Everything can be flexible, obviously solution is not exceeded, can be accommodated. "There are 5% of netizens who say it doesn't matter.