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The present situation of cosmetic packaging design
- Nov 08, 2017 -

With the development of packaging materials and packaging technology, modern cosmetics have become more and more packaged and beautifully decorated. In general, cosmetics packaging form mainly includes: solid cosmetics packaging, solid particles (powder) cosmetics packaging, liquid, emulsion and cream cosmetics packaging spray and cosmetics packaging. Among them, a considerable part of the packaging form is usually combined with the paper box to form the sales packaging of cosmetics.

As a quality and cheap green packaging, paper packaging is becoming a rapidly growing industry in the national economy. The packaging market has a great space for the packaging of paper products, both in quantity and quality. Cosmetics is an important commodity that is closely related to people's life, and paper packaging has been used more and more. With the rapid growth of China's import and export trade, the fierce competition of cosmetics brands at home and abroad has brought new opportunities to the further development of paper packaging.