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The importance of cosmetic glass bottle packaging
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Although glass bottles account for a small proportion of cosmetic packaging containers, they still have irreplaceable advantages in the packaging field, and are still high-grade cosmetics materials in the short term. Thorough purity, elegance and elegance are the charm of glass bottles. Compared with plastic bottles, its heavy weight can effectively improve the brand's grade and increase consumers' trust. The unique visual effect of frosted glass bottles is even more difficult when plastic bottles are incomparably used to produce plastic bottles. The surface treatment of the mold reaches the surface matt and the effect of frosting can only be processed in the post-processing, the effect is inferior, and the cost is quite high. Compared with the flat glass bottle, the frosted glass bottle is elegant and gorgeous, with good fog, good decorative shading effect and more decorative features.

Cosmetics, especially whitening, nutritional cosmetics, contain a lot of nutrients like food, but they are easily oxidized. This puts high demands on the sealing of the package, and the barrier of the glass bottle is undoubtedly superior to the plastic bottle in protecting the contents. In addition, the gas has a high barrier property, and the glass bottle is also a packaging material for a volatile, easily scented product such as a perfume.


It is true that the processing technology of glass bottles has been slow, but in recent years there have been improvements and improvements.

The use of computer CAD glass bottle mold design, glass furnace kiln computer automatic control, strengthening and lightweight technology for production, the quality of glass bottles is improving, weight is reduced, transparency and surface finish are further enhanced. In the post-processing, the glass surface can be subjected to a frosting process, painting, color printing (up to 7 to 8 colors), engraving, etc., which greatly increases the added value of the glass bottle.

In view of the unique advantages of glass products, many cosmetic glass packaging manufacturers have expressed good prospects for glass packaging, and continue to develop new products and improve quality to meet the higher requirements of glass packaging for different cosmetic manufacturers.