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Several problems involved in glass bottle design
- Oct 22, 2018 -

1. Glass bottle mold cost problem glass bottle manufacturer

If the ordinary mold is about 2000--3000 yuan, if the glass bottle requires a good appearance, the dimensional deviation is very strict, it is recommended to use the spray welding mold, the price is close to double, so from the proof, some manufacturers although After collecting a few thousand molds, they failed to make a few proofs. The main waste of production time is too high. In fact, the cost of the mold is not what the manufacturer wants, but the mold factory.

Especially for shaped bottles, many products have undergone many improvements to produce qualified samples. Or the process is different, the equipment is different, and different equipment may be difficult to make the same product.

2. Material quality

If the bottle requires good material quality and the requirement is to reach the medicinal glass material, it is best to produce it in a qualified glass factory, so that the minimum physical and chemical properties are met. Now, for molded bottles: most of them are small-volume injections. Bottles and large capacity infusion bottles. The brown bottle is mainly a syrup oral liquid bottle.

If the appearance is very good, the bottle is required to have good transparency and good finish. You can use high white material or some crystal white material, mainly high-grade wine bottles, and think about Wuliangye and gold wine bottles. Then there is the bottle of the daily chemical series, but the physical and chemical properties of such products are worse than the medicinal materials, and some will have high temperature rupture, and some indicators are beyond the regulations.