How to make cosmetics packaging
- Nov 01, 2018 -

The box is a beautiful piece of art, which is of great significance in commercial activities, production of goods, and sale of goods. It is not only a representative of goods, but also a business card of a company. When your product is on the showcase, it represents the image of your business. If the cosmetic box is shoddy, then others will doubt whether your company's products are not sloppy.

Therefore, the pattern of the cosmetic packaging box must be clear, soft, elegant and beautiful. Don't put too many pictures, otherwise it will not highlight the key points you want to convey, and the color matching of the packaging box is very important, for example, most women like it. White, red, pink, they are called women's color, women's products in the box with white and red can cause women's favorite. Men like solemn black, black is also called male color, and men's special packaging and black can be favored by men.

Cosmetic color box packaging should accurately convey product information, as well as the shape, color, and pattern used in packaging. Do not violate people's normal habits, causing users to understand the error. After all, the good feeling is directly from the feeling of the shape, color, pattern and material of the package.

The most important thing is the box design of the cosmetic color box packaging, which can be specially designed according to the shape and size of the cosmetics, and then the different color box packaging materials, shapes and patterns are used as the classification conditions for the high-grade and mid-range of the cosmetics. This level of division can make users have a comparison psychology. After all, people like to compare, and when there is a comparison, there will be a gap, and the gap will produce a sense of superiority.