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Cosmetic packaging box finishing process introduction
- Feb 12, 2019 -

Nowadays, there are many women who go out to make up. In China, cosmetics have a very large demand and have a broad market space. In order to attract consumers to buy their own company's cosmetics, there are many businesses to put their sales strategy on the cosmetics packaging box, the following small series to introduce the process of cosmetics packaging box.

    In the printing process of cosmetic packaging, the combination of the advantages of offset, embossing, gravure and silk screen printing is often used. For example, offset printing is used to achieve accurate image reproduction, gravure printing is used to complete large-area spot color reproduction, flexo or screen printing is used for glazing and surface finishing, and digital printing is used to realize packaging customization and anti-counterfeiting. In order to achieve a special dazzling effect, the application of UV printing, hot stamping, laminating, embossing, glazing and the like has gradually become popular. Although the printing process is changing with each passing day, various technologies are blooming and showing a hundred schools of thought. However, after years of time assessment and market feedback statistics, there are mainly the following:

    Hot stamping (silver)

    By heating and pressing, the gold foil is imprinted on the paper, which has the advantages of fine and solid imprint, good metal texture, strong hiding power and high floating force, and can exhibit strong metallic luster and low cost. The printed pattern is clear and beautiful, with vivid colors, abrasion resistance and weather resistance. It is often used in the product trademark and registration name of cosmetics, and the effect is remarkable.

    Silk screen

    Screen printing is a stencil printing. The printing plate (the aperture of the paper film or other plate is made through the ink). During printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) through the hole of the stencil by a certain pressure to form an image. Or text. The silk screen is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate, and the plate making is convenient and cheap. The ink layer is thick, the graphics are rich in layers, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and the printing materials are wide. The use of UV screen ink to print frosting, refraction, ice, wrinkles and other effects on cosmetic packaging cartons can greatly stimulate consumers' desire to purchase.

    offset printing

    Offset printing is a type of lithographic printing that uses a rubber (blank) to transfer the graphic on the printing plate to the substrate. The offset printing speed is fast, the printing quality is relatively stable, and the entire printing cycle is short. The printed graphic and non-graphic parts are basically on the same plane, and the ink thickness is thin. The method of distinguishing between offset printing and silk screen printing is very straightforward. Touching the printed surface with your hand, if you can feel the convex touch of the text pattern, it is silk screen printing; if you don't feel the touch of any text pattern, it is a smooth surface, which is offset printing.


    The concave and convex mold is used to plastically deform the printed matter substrate under a certain pressure to perform artistic processing on the surface of the printed matter. The printing quality of the spurs is strong, and the effect of the embossing three-dimensional is produced. The visual impact can be unforgettable, and the corporate LOGO of the cosmetics is generally made into this process effect. However, the embossing process is relatively expensive, and the precision of the metal zinc plate is limited and cannot reflect too small details.


    The upgraded version of the smashing effect highlights the brand's design features, the lines are more soft, and the layers are more vivid and delicate. Has a good feel and visual appeal, enhancing the added value and artistic effect of the product.

    The process of cosmetics packaging box believes that everyone has learned after reading the above. In addition to high-quality products, cosmetics sales need to look good and exquisite packaging, only in this way can be in an unbeaten position in the competition of many peers.