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Bottle design process tips
- Jun 15, 2018 -

 Packaging design is an inseparable part of the product. It is a magical, international, and core word. It is also what the company needs and is the password for business success. Glass bottle packaging design connects art and industry, market and production, creativity and functionality. Good ideas lead to good packaging, and good packaging is the catalyst for product promotion. Identifying a product is achieved through packaging. Consumers must have enough information and be able to decode and understand some symbols before they can recognize the product and then understand its value and lead to the final purchase. Obviously, there are more and more perfume products, people are more and more difficult to choose, but people are often influenced by their education, social life, and cultural background to choose the brand. Therefore, the fragrance of each fragrance and its packaging should be targeted to correspond to specific consumer groups. The reason why France has so many world-class perfume brands as a perfume country is inextricably linked to its concept of perfume packaging design.

    The influence of a certain brand on cosmetic counters is expressed through the shape and color of the products, because they are the primary factors that consumers first see. Moreover, since the product features in the glass bottle package are unique shapes and vivid colors, the package acts as a quiet advertiser.

    Beauty products packaged in glass embody the quality of the product, and the heavier the glass, the more luxurious the product feels—perhaps it is the consumer's opinion, but it is certainly not wrong. According to the Washington Glass Packaging Association (GPI), many companies that use organic or fine ingredients in their products are using glass to package their products.

    Manufacturers of glass bottles are constantly trying to find special shapes so that their products can stand out from the competition. Coupled with the versatility of glass bottles and eye-catching decorative technology, consumers will always reach out to touch or hold makeup and skin care products in glass packaging. Once the product is in their hands, the opportunity to purchase this product increases immediately.