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Basic requirements for cosmetic packaging
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Cosmetic packaging is more complex, including the first layer of packaging, two or three layers of packaging and outer packaging. There are many types of first-layer packaging, including bottles (such as plastic bottles, glass bottles), hoses (such as plastic hoses, composite hoses, metal hoses), bags (such as paper bags, plastic bags, composite bags), etc. The second or third layer packaging category includes box (such as carton, plastic box, metal box), label type, plastic type, etc.; outer transport package includes cushion packaging.

The appearance of different levels of packaging requires commonality and inherent specificity. The commonality of the appearance requirements includes packaging and printing patterns and handwriting should be neat, clear, not easy to fall off, and the color should be uniform. The particularity of the appearance requirements varies according to the packaging of the different categories.

For bottle packaging, the bottle body should be smooth, smooth, uniform, no obvious scars and deformation, no cold bursts and cracks; the mouth should be straight, smooth, should not have burrs (hair), thread, bayonet The matching structure should be intact and correct; the cooperation between the bottle and the cover should be tight, no slipping, looseness and leakage; the inside and outside of the bottle should be kept clean.


For bag packaging, it should not have obvious wrinkles, scratches, air bubbles, and the color should be uniform; the sealing should be firm, there should be no opening, perforation, leakage (paste) phenomenon; composite bag should be composite and firm, coating layer Uniform, no shedding.