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In 2018, the daily chemical industry will reach 600 billion in the Chinese market
- May 25, 2018 -

According to the “Labor” report, “The daily chemical industry will reach 600 billion in the Chinese market in 2018. Among them, the proportion of personal care is higher.” Recently, Bain Consulting’s global deputy director Yu Hao’s at the daily chemical industry trends conference He expressed his optimism for the daily chemical market. It is understood that last year the domestic daily chemical industry market capacity was about 360 billion, of which personal care accounted for 270 billion, home care is about 90 billion in size. Yu Yu believes that in the next five years, the market will grow at a growth rate of around 12%. By 2018, the market size will reach 600 billion, and the personal care market will reach 480 billion.

Yu Hao said that in the future, there will be four major trends that directly affect the market structure, namely, the rise of local brands, the growth of consumption power in low-level cities, the development of new products, and the application of new technologies.

In recent years, the rise of local brands has been particularly evident, and in fact local brands do have their unique advantages. Yu Hao believes that whether it is P & G, Nivea or L'Oreal, foreign brands do not exceed 300 dealers, they can not penetrate into the third and fourth tier cities, and on the contrary, the domestic brands of dealers move thousands, light from this point On the other hand, local brands have obvious advantages.

According to statistics, the sales volume of the entire fast-paced consumer electronics platform on the e-commerce platform increased by 47% from 2011. New consumption patterns brought about by the application of new technologies. Consumers no longer rely on traditional television and print ads, and do not have to walk into the store to listen to salespersons. As long as you search through the Internet, consumers can not only see the recommendations of others, but also can easily know what kind of products they want to buy, what kind of products they have bought. For businesses, it is no longer necessary to know their customers directly through distributors. "On the e-commerce platform, companies can deliver more accurate information to consumers." Yu Yu said, "Overall, the future of the market will be very good, e-commerce will be the development trend."